Saturday, 26 February 2011


For this Shoot with the Super talented 'Kera Robson' the look we both set out to acheive was the 'Ethereal' look.
Here are some shots from the day ...
                          Carvers Rock , Ashby.

Costume & Props
Making the most of the props we bought,books, jars (which were post-edited with photoshop by Kera
to add the look of magic inside. Very fairy-tale esque.
The costume was another D.I.Y job for the creative ..i used some of my old trousers (grey baggy) and white Football socks which I pulled up and rolled the trousers to give off the old almost victorian look.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Ok, So I just had a BIG Photoshoot on Sunday (via  One of my agencies; TM Models) ...and the Theme was 'Avant Garde' Basically Out there High fashion ..Channelling GaGa Almost, So heres a Few Costume Ideas and test shots I took myself to give you an idea for the End results we should get back in the next couple of weeks. EXCITED MUCH!!
The Black net Material can
be bought at any local textile shop, usually placed in town centre market stalls.

To get the look for this was very D.I.Y ....
Firstly, I bought over Large buttons from a Local Harberdashery shop and sewn them onto
a plain white Tee from Topman. To add to the look i put on a neck scalf tight and for the Bow-tie,
its Actually a girls headband that I came across but refused to disguard it as it wasperfect for the look i had in mind, so I simply wrapped it around my neck giving the effect of a Bow-tie.