Sunday, 11 December 2011

Charity Starts at Home-City

Ok, So guilty of it again! ..Sorry for the late update (to those few of you that actually read this)
Since the last Update ..I have done a couple more shoots ..
1. Very controversial - Graveyard shoot - Emma Style Photography

Somethin WICKED This Way Comes ...

Shot By - EmmA Styles 

2. Ben Bransbury-Hare photography

SMall St.

3.  ..And Thirdly I got Involved in A local Porject for 'Children In Need' ..In which Photographers Holly Booth and Ewan Matthers organised the Event '24Models24Hours'
In which a different model was shot on the Hour EVERY Hour for 24 Hours
Photgrapher Ewan Matthers:

Check out the Documentary for the event at
*and check out yours truely at 7.48 and 9.52  :P

So now your All updated ..stay tuned and I'll update some More along the way 
In the meantime