Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Apocalyptic Idea for Shoot

The End is High -Fashion

In light of Kera Robson ( A uber- talented Previous photographer I have worked with ) ..who  is gettng a new lighting system for Christmas, we have both been planning a New shoot..Heres What we have come up with;

..'A Post-Apocalyptic' type shoot ..with Fire, smoking buildings in the background ..the more damaged and bust-up the better.

Costume: Leather jackets, ripped clothes, high collars, high leather boots
Accesorized with weapons such as guns, cross-bows etc and maybe even blood, cuts and bruises

Saturday, 4 December 2010


Channeling GAGA ..

Apparently 'Great Minds Pose Alike' ...As i was just goofing around with my friend in the snow
the other day, someone poitined out to me 'Pose' was Exactly like Gaga's picture in
'Vanity Fair' Sept 2010 additon,
and asked if it was deliberate or (in her words) a 'Beautiful Coinscidence' ..which is what it was as id never seen the pic before until se pointed it out.
So it seems i was somehow channeling the great Gaga Without even knowing. Priviledged :)