Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Apocalyptic Idea for Shoot

The End is High -Fashion

In light of Kera Robson ( A uber- talented Previous photographer I have worked with ) ..who  is gettng a new lighting system for Christmas, we have both been planning a New shoot..Heres What we have come up with;

..'A Post-Apocalyptic' type shoot ..with Fire, smoking buildings in the background ..the more damaged and bust-up the better.

Costume: Leather jackets, ripped clothes, high collars, high leather boots
Accesorized with weapons such as guns, cross-bows etc and maybe even blood, cuts and bruises


  1. I just wanted to say you are so inspiring as i am currently at leicester college studying to become a photogrpaher im hoping to get into university aswell :) but i just wanted to say the pictures and ideas you come up with are so good and original and you actulley give me hope that thiss will work out for me :) thankyou

  2. Thnk you ..thats really sweet. I appriciate your support. Im glad i give u hope ..anything is possible with hope and hard wrk ..and for me its jst having a vision and as long as you draw inspiration from everywehre jst always keep your eye open and you'l nver no where u find it. Im sure you'l do great work :) thnks for followin me and viewin my stuf ..i hav soome new epic photos to put up soon so keep an eye out :)

  3. I will do and i look forward to seeing them :) i will have to start putting my digital and black and white up :)