Sunday, 11 December 2011

Charity Starts at Home-City

Ok, So guilty of it again! ..Sorry for the late update (to those few of you that actually read this)
Since the last Update ..I have done a couple more shoots ..
1. Very controversial - Graveyard shoot - Emma Style Photography

Somethin WICKED This Way Comes ...

Shot By - EmmA Styles 

2. Ben Bransbury-Hare photography

SMall St.

3.  ..And Thirdly I got Involved in A local Porject for 'Children In Need' ..In which Photographers Holly Booth and Ewan Matthers organised the Event '24Models24Hours'
In which a different model was shot on the Hour EVERY Hour for 24 Hours
Photgrapher Ewan Matthers:

Check out the Documentary for the event at
*and check out yours truely at 7.48 and 9.52  :P

So now your All updated ..stay tuned and I'll update some More along the way 
In the meantime 

Sunday, 14 August 2011

A Catch up of the Past 6 Months ...

Firstly, I apologise for how long it has been since my last post (March :/). I could make up a bunch of excuses but what I put it down to is now I finally have a full time job and as you can guess it takes up most of my time, leaving less time for my creative juice IE things like my Blog :(.

SO ...other than work ..I have had a Couple more shoots, A Holiday ..and a Concert or 2 ..U READY ..

I'll let the pictures do the Talking ...
A Fragrance Shoot I did ..

Working my Runway walk on the Train Tracks ..
I live life to the 'Edge of  Glory'.

Both shot by the very talented and sweet #Rei Bennett


Holiday & Family Time

Aka my second home.
There I had a blast catching up with my Sisters and my Nephew and Neice ...

SABIHA - Beautiful

              Isle of MTV!! feat:
Snoop Dogg, Far East Movement & LMFAO
We Are Family - My Beutiful Nephew and Neice :)                       PRIVATE VILLA   ^^^

                  I'm Up in MALTA BITCH!!
Gettin Slizzered on the Last Nite

So After the Bliss off No stress and getting all Tanned up, I come home and within a few days I'm at another HUGE concert  ...In July the SUmmer ....on A Beach ...Can u Guess yet !??

Showing the likes of:
  • Nicola Roberts
  • Olly Murs
  • N-Dubz
  • Cher Lloyd
  • Alexis Jordan
  • Jasonnnnn Deruloo  ..And more!
Aston you were meant to be MINE!! 

Nowdays Im suffering with the 'Travel Bug' (i want to Travel round the world SOoooooo BAD!!)
Still working but saving and settling with partying in the UK all over New favourite place is LEEDS

And again I'm sorry for the lack of posts but appriciate this Bitch just took me abut 2 hours so it Even !?  :)

Charlie.j   xx

Thursday, 31 March 2011

In the Shadows

Ok some days I just have sooo much Inspiration that i just have to bring it out in me,
Words arent alwys enough to put the Vision across so ..heres my newest Vision and Idea/Proposal
Twilight inspired:
High Fashion/Couture meets Twlight (Group shoot)

Location: Woods with Stream to Pose in, Braches Galore, Elegant Stairways
Costume: Almost Victorian, wasitcoat,white shirt, smart Blazer, Black and Whites

Saturday, 26 February 2011


For this Shoot with the Super talented 'Kera Robson' the look we both set out to acheive was the 'Ethereal' look.
Here are some shots from the day ...
                          Carvers Rock , Ashby.

Costume & Props
Making the most of the props we bought,books, jars (which were post-edited with photoshop by Kera
to add the look of magic inside. Very fairy-tale esque.
The costume was another D.I.Y job for the creative ..i used some of my old trousers (grey baggy) and white Football socks which I pulled up and rolled the trousers to give off the old almost victorian look.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Ok, So I just had a BIG Photoshoot on Sunday (via  One of my agencies; TM Models) ...and the Theme was 'Avant Garde' Basically Out there High fashion ..Channelling GaGa Almost, So heres a Few Costume Ideas and test shots I took myself to give you an idea for the End results we should get back in the next couple of weeks. EXCITED MUCH!!
The Black net Material can
be bought at any local textile shop, usually placed in town centre market stalls.

To get the look for this was very D.I.Y ....
Firstly, I bought over Large buttons from a Local Harberdashery shop and sewn them onto
a plain white Tee from Topman. To add to the look i put on a neck scalf tight and for the Bow-tie,
its Actually a girls headband that I came across but refused to disguard it as it wasperfect for the look i had in mind, so I simply wrapped it around my neck giving the effect of a Bow-tie.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Apocalyptic Idea for Shoot

The End is High -Fashion

In light of Kera Robson ( A uber- talented Previous photographer I have worked with ) ..who  is gettng a new lighting system for Christmas, we have both been planning a New shoot..Heres What we have come up with;

..'A Post-Apocalyptic' type shoot ..with Fire, smoking buildings in the background ..the more damaged and bust-up the better.

Costume: Leather jackets, ripped clothes, high collars, high leather boots
Accesorized with weapons such as guns, cross-bows etc and maybe even blood, cuts and bruises